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Just sold for Christmas present sure hope the new owner will appreciate all the time and love

that was put into this painting. "TWO WHITE MUMS" 


DECORATE A ROOM   by adding Color & Decor' to your Walls 

HIGHLIGHT OR SPOTLIGHT  an area to amaze your family and friends 

"WHITE CACTUS"  My newest creation, inspired by a friend who grew this plant which only blooms once a year at night for only a few days. Such a shame such a beauty to see so little of. Just had to paint it.

Aprox. 15"x 21" unframed and unmatted.  

"AWAKENING"  AWARD WINNER 2019 Splash annual juried art show.  Full sheet of arches watercolor paper aprox 22"x 30" unmatted and unframed  AWARD WINNER AT THE annual "SPLASH" juried art show.


"Fuchsia"Love my reds and purples  Original Watercolor  $250 unframed

"My Orchid"  just another fun floral that I love because of the color.


$ 350.00 USD

"3 Amigos"  Love the lasey edges on Iris' it makes them so dainty and fun to paint. The colors are bold but soft at the same time. One of my best and favorite paintings. unframed & unmatted original watercolor size is aprox 16"x20"  $350.00  framed in a 3" matt and 1" frame it would come to 20"x24" all framed just for an example  BEAUTIFUL WALL HANGING FOR ANY WALL DECOR  or present for your loved one.




$ 350.00 USD

"POPPIES"  available  Original Watercolor  sold unframed unmatted aprox 16"x22"  $350.00 to see this painting in 3 matts and framed email me it's gorgeous.


"GRANNIES GARDEN"  LITHOGRAPH  last few of a series of prints nice colorful aprox size 11"x16" unfrm-unmatted

"PINK PEONIES"  LITHOGRAPH  aprox size 9"x12" unfrm-unmatted only a few left of these prints I made in a series of 250 prints  

AWARD WINNER "PARADISE"  Original Watercolor was awarded the top award "Best of Show" at the Brevard Watercolor show "Splash"   It was more abstract than I normally paint but again I love doing what I don't usually do and could see why it sold so fast            SOLD

SUNFLOWERS & CRYSTAL"  aprox size 21"x27" unframed - unmated.

I painted this as a demo at an art fair in MI I feel so good when I look at this painting, it's so cheerful.  It's aprox 27"x21" matted. Original watercolor.                         SOLD

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